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The ReSkill Project aims to promote, in the food sector, work – based learning in all its forms, with special attention to apprenticeship, by involving social partners, companies and VET providers, as well as stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship.
To do so, an innovative and comprehensive dual training programme with a strong WBL component that will involve NEETs and young unemployed doing on-th-job training in agri-food companies will be developed under ReSkill. Innovation will be stimulated by training the end-users in future and forward looking agri-food skills and making use of blended learning methods. The Project will, also, include training in entrepreneurial and venture creation skills, as well as mentoring sessions with agri-food professionals and experts, thus encouraging entrepreneurship.
Moreover, as the ReSkill dual- training programme will be delivered through blended learning, an innovative e-training platform will be developed to include the digital learning content and guides. Synchronous learning technologies will be used to deliver a part of the training, allowing for increased access and flexibility and providing to trainers the opportunity to teach audiences from different European countries.