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“ReSkill – Real Skills for Work and Entrepreneurship in the Agri-food Sector”


The ReSkill Project starts!

The ReSkill Project starts!

 The Project’s activities were launched at the partnership Kick-off Meeting held in Paris, France, on the 6th and 7th of October 2016.

During the meeting, the partners discussed the expected results and the next activities to be implemented during the lifespan of the project.

ReSkill Intellectual Outputs

The Intellectual Outputs ensure that the project will be planned, organised and monitored effectively and efficiently in order to achieve the project’s objectives in timely manner.

The roles, management planning and procedures were clearly defined and clarified for each partner during the Kick-off Meeting. The project management focuses mainly on optimizing the application of resources and ensuring that all aspects of the reporting requirements are followed according to the relevant provisions and rules of the EC.


The project’ implementation is structured under the following Intellectual Outputs:

Intellectual Output O1: Needs Assessment and Best Practices for WBL and Entrepreneurship in the AF sector (Lead Organisation: Agricultural University of Athens)

Intellectual Output O2: Development of ReSkill Dual Training Programme and ECVET Framework (Lead Organisation: OPCALIM)

Intellectual Output O3: ReSkill Online e-training Platform (Lead Organisation: Eurotraining Educational Organization)

Intellectual Output O4: ReSkill Learning Material and Digital Content (Lead Organisation: Eurotraining Educational Organization)

Intellectual Output O5: Delivery of the ReSkill Class and Online Training Programme (Lead Organisation: CPIP)

Intellectual Output O6: ReSkill WBL: OJT and Mentoring in the AF Industry (Lead Organisation: SVET)