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“ReSkill – Real Skills for Work and Entrepreneurship in the Agri-food Sector”


Launch of the RESKILL platform – Give us your feedback !

RESKILL project aim is to promote work based learning in the agri-food sector.

This is why RESKILL partners have developed a platform that brings together training materials for agribusiness workers. They are different in their form (ppt, video, guide, ...) and are available in different languages ​​(English, Greek, French, Romanian).

 Today, we look for your feedback on thsi new tool.

 Ready to give us your opinion ?

Connect to the platform:

Click on the top right on "create new account"
You must then fill out the form that appears and validate it by clicking at the bottom of the page on "Create my new account"

A confirmation email is then sent to finalize the registration.

Once it's done, it's time to test the platform.

Click on the "Courses" tab, choose a language and browse the existing courses.

 The next step ? Complete the evaluation questionnaire of the platform

There are only 7 questions with only checkboxes (from 5 to 7 minutes to complete it).