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“ReSkill – Real Skills for Work and Entrepreneurship in the Agri-food Sector”


PRESS RELEASE: End of the RESKILL Project !

In Paris, the 22nd of July 2019 - The RESKILL project ends with the summer. This European project, launched in 2016, had several objectives:

  • Promote dual professional training (theoretical and practical) and on-the-job training
  • Stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector
  • Identify the actual and future needs in skills
  • Develop the youth’s employability
  • Develop the apprentices’ mobility
  • Improve the sector’s attractivity at national and European level

During the last three years, the RESKILL project and its outputs grew, and permitted to develop a certain number of tools:

The RESKILL project’s partners first developed an open learning platform in four languages. This training-center ( offers an unlimited access to various agri-food jobs training modules, to professional-elaborated pedagogical supports and to explanatory videos. The access to the platform is unlimited and free and allows its users to improve their knowledge of the agri-food sector and their professional skills in this area.

The RESKILL project also worked on the connection between jobseekers and companies: indeed, after having formed students or job seekers thanks to the different RESKILL tools implemented during the project, connecting those students and job seekers to the agri-food industry was key to make the best out of their innovative and alternative training. Thus, the RESKILL project partnered with the Food Sta’s “mobility tool”, which connect and put through companies and students or young jobseekers in the agri-food sector.

Beyond employment, the project also aimed to encourage experience sharing between employees of the agri-food sector and interested students or job seekers: to do so, a large network was mobilized and a LinkedIn group was created. This group is meant to be an exchange platform, based on experience and communication.

The RESKILL project therefore successfully connected job seekers and companies in the food sector, by capitalizing on existing but underexploited networks and by developing innovative and alternative training methods. Even though the project officially ends in August, the tools implemented during the programme will be updated and left available for the interested parties to use. The RESKILL team hope that the project’s teachings will last – and inspire new ways of training and forming.

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Contact : Françoise Gorga, Head of Research and Innovation at the ANIA –