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“ReSkill – Real Skills for Work and Entrepreneurship in the Agri-food Sector”



reskill romalimentaRomalimenta (Federatia Patronala Romana Industria Alimentara Romalimenta) is the Romanian Food Industry Federation, an organization whose members are employers’ associations and companies from Romanian food and drink industry branches. The Federation's main responsibilities are towards its members. More specifically, Romalimenta is responsible for finding the most appropriate solutions to ensure that its members work in an appropriately regulated market place, and that the sector’s competitiveness is maximized. In doing so, Romalimenta needs to create and/or strengthen the institutional partnership with the authorities that hold responsibilities in the food sector. The Federation represents the interests of its members inside and outside Romania, being a full member of EU Confederation of food industry FoodDrinkEurope (FDE).