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SEVT (Greece)

SEVT (Federation of Hellenic Food Industries) is the official body representing the interests of the Hellenic Food and Drink Industries at National, European and International level. Members of the Federation are Branch Associations and individual food companies. The mission of SEVT is to facilitate the development of an environment in which all food and drink companies, whatever their size, can meet the needs of consumers and society, while at the same time competing effectively for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. SEVT’s work is based on sound scientific research, robust data management and effective communication, working within the regulatory framework to ensure that all food and drink policy issues are dealt with in a holistic manner. The organization promotes members’ interests in areas such as food safety and quality, nutrition and health, competitiveness, research and development, innovation and environmental sustainability.

In the framework of the European Technological Platform ‘Food for Life’ (ETP) SEVT has established the Hellenic Technological Platform ‘Food for Life’(HTP) and it is a very active member of the network of the National Technology Platforms ‘Food for Life’ (NFTPs). The HTP has built a very strong network consisting of food companies, universities, research centres, public funding bodies, food authorities, consumer’s organizations and technological institutes. SEVT is also one of the founding members of the SPES EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping known as “Spread European Safety EEIG) and the ECOTROPHELIA EEIG.